Company Profile

There are thousands of pharmaceutical companies already operating in more than 200 countries world wide. These companies provide health products and prevent diseases; meanwhile experience spiraling costs to develop medicines. They look for experienced outsourcing companies to lower purchasing costs of intermediates and active ingredients.
Drefs Pharma is an experienced outsourcing services company, and has repositioned itself to deliver superior returns to customers through its cost-effective, high-value services.

Drefspharma Ltd deep pharmaceutical industry knowledge provides the best solutions for purchasing executives.

Our personnel are dedicated to ensure that every customer is well served.

Our portfolio comprises help in delivering EDMF CTD format files, COS and US DMF. We also do provide our customers the required technical assistance to develop extended release tablets and capsules.

Drefspharma; though recently established, has already tied up with FDA regulated companies like TARO in the USA, 3A Chemie and Ubichem PLC in the UK.
Active ingredients* like Antazoline Sulfate EP, Bumadizone Calcium , Oystershell (Natural Calcium carbonate), Clopamide, Dichlorphenamide USP, Framycetin sulfate EP, Indapamide EP, Ipriflavone USP; Mesterolone EP; Perindopril erbumine USP and Warfarin Sodium Clathrate EP/USP are among the items supplied by us. For a complete review, please check the generic API’s web page.

* Generic API’s enjoying patents can not be offered